Feeling Fabulous - led by Lora Greenberg, a board-certified Physician's Assistant - is a step-up from typical health and lifestyle coaches. Combining practical, medical-based assessments with plant-based holistic knowledge, she crafts the system and strategies best for you. Your focus may be any one of the services below, and from there Lora will craft the integral combination of all areas that support you. Your custom combination and available packages will be outlined for you to best support your healing journey! 



Stress Management

Stress has the power to cause physical and mental pain. It can affect your mood, energy level, relationships, and work performance, but also cause and exacerbate a wide variety of health conditions. 

Persistent stress can cause cardiovascular disease, weight gain, digestive disorders, decrease immune system functions, headaches, depression, accelerated aging, and many other problems. 

Do you have uncontrolled stress and want to learn how to manage it? There are many different options that can help. 

On the Scales

Weight Management

Unfortunately, food is an addiction. If you have watched the documentaries like What the Health, and Supersize Me, you would realize how eating fast food for only short periods of time can damage the body; not to mention what the food industry does to seduce people by changing their brain chemistry to keep them addicted. Why do you crave french fries more than an apple? Food was meant to provide nutrients essential for our bodily functions, not make it addicted. 


With my extensive training and knowledge of disease processes, I can provide you with the tools to help diminish your cravings and let go of your emotional weight. After all, that's why we eat.

Natural Medicine

Food as Medicine

"Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food."

Hippocrates made this statement thousands of years ago and it still rings true today. Our dietary choices not only affect how we feel, but it is a direct cause of many diseases. Do you know that there are virtually no nutrients in animal-based foods that are not better provided by plants. Let's work together to help you get the most out of changing your lifestyle through plant based nutrition.

Sports Facility

Physical Activity and Fitness

Physical activity is an extremely vital component of your overall physical and mental health. According to the 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee, everyone should be active including those who are disabled or managing a chronic illness. All adults and children gain substantial health benefits from a combination of aerobic and muscle strengthening activity that enhance their physical fitness.

If you have been inactive, don't be discouraged.  Some activity is better than none! Together we will come up with a plan to start you at a comfortable level and add a little more activity over time. The more physically active you are, the more mental and physical benefits you gain. If you are physically fit, you are very likely to look, feel, and do your best-physically and mentally.

Lifestyle Medicine Consultations:


  • Provide holistic wellness coaching that include all aspects of well-being – physical, emotional, and social.

  • Provide face-to-face coaching sessions, including initial health reviews, individual goal setting and appropriate follow-up.

  • Provide motivational engagement strategies.

  • Apply knowledge of medicine, diet, nutrition or relevant methods and suggests solutions.

  • Suggest exercises, diet charts, meditation or mental stress reducing techniques.